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Considerations for Building with Wall Panels

WTCA (Wood Truss Council), in cooperation with the Building Systems Council of NAHB (National Home Builders), sponsored the Framing the American Dream® project to better understand wood framing. It was the first time two identical house plans were completely framed using two different methods - one stick built, and the other with wood trusses and wall panels (structural building components) exclusively.

Framing with wall panels. Compared to stick framing.

Here is what was learned from this project concerning framing with wall panels specifically:

Wall Panel FRAMING
Stick Frame
Man Hours
93 Hours
26 1/2 Hours
Quantity of Lumber
4,598 Bd. Ft.
4,598 Bd. Ft.
Savings: 66 1/2Hours · 0 Bd. Ft.

In our project, the wall designs were not optimized, with studs designed at the specific spacing required for the applied roof and floor loads. Generally, with proper planning and a fully engineered design, less lumber will be required for most projects which utilize wall panels.

Many dimensions that are necessary for the successful use of wall panels are not on the plans. To maximize wall panel efficiency take a few minutes to review this checklist. Because of the precise engineering and panel design involved Classic Truss will need to know this information before manufacturing your panels. We can help you determine these answers from your building plans.




Don't worry too much if you need help determining some of the items above. Classic Truss and Wood Components is here to help. We understand the industry and can help you every step of the way!

Wall panel framing procedure.Recommended Procedure* for Installation of Wall Panels

* In most cases Classic Truss installs the wall panels the we manufacture. This is what we call our turn-key solution and will assure efficiency and accuracy. However, if you have a framing crew that you would like to use then, for your convenience, here are a list of the basic steps. This list is to give you a better idea as to how a home built with wall panels is constructed on the jobsite and my no means should be a considered and exhaustive list.



Wall panel framing details.

Framing wall panels instructions.

Garages when using wall panels.

For garage and window headers at the same location as house windows, increase the height of the garage window by the difference between the height of the house foundation and garage floor.

Garage door and swinging door headers are located at their "standard" heights, unless garage walls are to be set on a masonry curb wall that extends above the height of the garage floor.

Talk to Classic Truss about our complete turn-key framing packages and let us not only manufacture your wall panels but let our experienced framing crews install them for you.!
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