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Using floor trusses is more safe and more economical.Floor Truss Fact Sheet

Builders are discovering that floor trusses are the solution to many of their floor framing problems. Floor truss installations create high quality, squeak-free construction with the added benefits of reduced framing time, waste, pilferage and callbacks. Design versatility and open web spaces are tremendous advantages to builders of today's complex and sophisticated homes.

While floor trusses may cost more per linear foot of material, overall you save more money due to the reduced installation time and wasted material. Click HERE to see how efficiently a trussed floor could be installed on a 2,600 sq. ft. house as it compares to a traditionally built home.

Standard Floor Truss Structure details.
(Courtesy of WTCA - Wood Truss Council)

Floor truss details.
Text and graphics used with permission of the Structural Building Components Association.
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