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Two identical 2,600 sq. ft. homes. One framed conventionally and the other built with engineered components.

Stick framing vs. building with trusses and other building components.

"Building with components, I went from having 25 men to 8 men on the jobsite, and I doubled my dollar volume. Every hour I take out of the field decreases my liability, overhead, and worker's compensation. There's no trash to pick up. A clean jobsite makes a safe jobsite. I was a firm believer in stick framing for years, but I'll never go back."

-Rick Thompson, Rick Thompson & Sons, Princeton, IL



Using Wood Trusses and Wall Panels vs. Stick Framing

WTCA (Wood Truss Council), in cooperation with the Building Systems Council of NAHB (National Home Builders), sponsored the Framing the American Dream® project to better understand wood framing. It was the first time two identical house plans were completely framed using two different methods - one stick built, and the other with wood trusses and wall panels (structural building components). Here's what we learned:

Craftsmanship Through Engineering

Craftsmanship Through Manufacturing

Floor Truss Framing

Stick Frame
Man Hours
38 Hours
12 Hours
Quantity of Lumber
4,256 Bd. Ft.
3,147 Bd. Ft.
Savings: 26 Hours · 1,109 Bd. Ft.

Roof Truss Framing

Roof truss framing.
Stick Frame
Second Floor
Man Hours
142 1/2 Hours
59 1/2 Hours
83 Hours
Quantity of Lumber
7,210 Bd. Ft.
4,875 Bd. Ft.
2,335 Bd. Ft.
Great Room
Man Hours
104 Hours
35 1/2 Hours
68 1/2 Hours
Quantity of Lumber
3,641 Bd. Ft.
2,116 Bd. Ft.
1,525 Bd. Ft.
Valley Framing
Man Hours
9 1/2 Hours
4 1/2 Hours
5 Hours
Quantity of Lumber
692 Bd. Ft.
362 Bd. Ft.
330 Bd. Ft.

Wall Panel Framing

Wall panel framing.

Wall Panel FRAMING
Stick Frame
Man Hours
93 Hours
26 1/2 Hours
Quantity of Lumber
4,598 Bd. Ft.
4,598 Bd. Ft.
Savings: 66 1/2Hours · 0 Bd. Ft.

Environmental Responsibility

What did we learn here?

TRUSS & Wall Panel FRAMING Vs. Stick Framing
Stick Frame
Total Jobsite Man Hours
Total Cost @ $20/hr Average
Total Bd. Ft. Lumber

Total Cost of Lumber @ $450/1,000 Bd. Ft.
vs. Component Selling Price

- $1,529
Total Scrap Lumber Generated
17 Yards
4 Yards
13 yards
Total Cost of Scrap Removal @ $15/Yd. Dumpster
Total Cost for this 2,600 Sq. Ft. House

"You have to look at the bottom line, and the bottom line is that you save money with building components. You pay more for a truss, but you can put it in so much faster.

Time and man power are very difficult to come by. Using components, you can take the same man power and do so much more work"

- Roy Wilder, Wilder Construction, Middlesboro, KY

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